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Now start counting 1 from the Cancer. It means Cancer will be counted as 1.

Hence Cancer will be the Bhava Arudham for the Ascendant. Similarly we should calculate Bhava Arudham for 2nd bhava. This bhava is Leo whose lord Sun is in Aries. Counting from Leo to Aries, we will have 9. Count 9 signs from Aries and we get Sagittarius. In this way, we will have 12 padams starting from Ascendant till 12th bhava. Lagna Arudhaa or Lagna padam, 2. Dhana Arudhaa or Dhana padam, 3. Vikramaarudha or Bhratru padam, 4. Vaahanarudha or Matru padam, 5.

Mantraarudha or Mantra padam or putra padam, 6. Rogaarudha or roga padam or satru padam, 7. Daararudha or daara padam, 8. Ashtamaarudha or Ayur padam, 9. Bhagyaarudha or Bhagya padam, Rajyarudha or Rajya padam, Laabharudha or Laabha padam, The Lagna Arudham for the example horoscope is Cancer. This place is occupied by Moon.

Jaimini says that when Lagna Arudham is occupied by Jupiter or Venus or Moon, the native will become Government officer or Political leader. The planets posited in the 11th house from Lagna Arudham will represent the source of income. When good planets are found there, the person will earn in righteous ways. When bad planets are there, the person will earn by hook or crook Jaimini Astrology. In the example horoscope, Daara Arudham or Daara padam calculated for 7th bhava is Taurus. This sign becomes the 11th bhava from the Ascendant.

When Daara padam falls in the 11th bhava, there will be good friendship between the wife and husband. When Daara padam falls in Kendra 4, 7, 10 or Kona 5, 9 bhavas from the Ascendant, then there will be very good married life. The native will enjoy good wealth. When Daara padam falls in 6, 7 or 8th bhavas, then there will be troubled married life. Similarly Upapadam which is calculated for 12th bhava gives details about marital life and health disorders. In the example horoscope, Upapadam is Aries which is occupied by Mars and Sun.

Karakamsha in Jamini astrology (Career and Destiny) Vedic Astrology Lesson 4

When exalted planet is posited in Upapadam Sun is exalted here , the native gets his spouse from a rich and royal family. When Upapadam is occupied by a debilitated or weak planet, the native will have spouse from a low class family. Benefice planets in the Upapadam represent a beautiful partner and malefic represent ugly partner. In Jaimini-astrology the Dasa-systems are based on Rashi or signs and not on Nakshatra and planets like in Vimsottari Dasa etc.

However, with many of these Dasa there seem to be certain conditions like planetary patterns that have to be fulfilled, meaning that many of the Dasa-systems should not be used unless their particular conditions are present in the horoscope under consideration. Only four of these Dasa-systems seem to be for universal use for all horoscopes:. There are 2 types of Dasa systems mainly used in Jaimini System. They are Chara Dasa and Sthira Dasa. In this system, Dasa start from whichever sign is in the Ascendant.

In the example horoscope, the Ascendant falls in Cancer. Hence, the dasas will start from Cancer.

Jaimini - Kala Software | gedidopershar.gq

The next Dasa should be counted either in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction depending upon whether the Ascendant is Sama Pada or vishama Pada. Take the 9th sign from the Ascendant. If the 9th sign is vishama Pada Rashi, then count in anti- clockwise order. In the example horoscope, the Ascendant is Cancer. So, for this native the first Dasa will be of Cancer, followed by Gemini and then Taurus etc. To determine the length of the Maha dasas, look at the placement of the ruler of the signs. After that, deduct 1.

Jaimini Yogada for Timing Success – Part A

If a planet is in its own sign, it is assigned 12 years Jaimini Astrology. In the example horoscope, Cancer is the Ascendant. Hence, the starting Dasa is of Cancer sign. Since Moon who is lord of this sign is posited there, its Dasa length will be 12 years. After Cancer Dasa, the next Dasa will be of Gemini. It gives Then subtract 1. Similarly, the next Dasa will be of Taurus.

Navamsa Chart Calculator - Generate Birth Navamsa Chart

Its lord is Venus posited in Taurus. Hence, Taurus Dasa period will be 12 years. The next Dasa will be of Aries whose lord is Mars in Aries. Hence its Dasa period will be 12 years. The next Dasa will be of Pisces whose lord is Jupiter in 4th house. In this way Maha Dasa periods should be calculated Jaimini Astrology. Similarly, each Antar Dasa sub period will be in months equal to the number of years as of Dasa period. When it comes to remedies, it comes with gem recommendation. My Kundli is a page long Online Horoscope report. For predictions, it contains highly valuable Dasha readings for 10 years and Planet readings concerning the 9 Planets in Indian Astrology.

Kundli Phal is a 40 page long Online Horoscope report. Kundli Darpan is an 80 page horoscope report. Bhrigu Patrika is the most popular model available at Future Point due to its extensively detailed predictions and calculations. When it comes to the Dasha Calculations, it contains 7 types of Dashas with Sookshma details. Crippled with anxiety? Can't seem to get hold of the mess your life has become?! Get your life sorted by talking to a learned Astrologer online.

All your troubles end on the other side of this Consultation! Unravel interesting personality traits and future happenings. Compare Horoscope Models In the digital age of tech, people have started depending on modern-day solutions, instead of relying on their old school tacts. Your online horoscope is just a few clicks away! In addition to it, the relevant divisional charts must also be seen. While applying to Yogini Dasha, the lords of different yoginis are considered as operative dasha lords.

If you want to apply yogini Dasha on the horoscope of an individual, first take in consideration of the Yogini dasha-antardasha major and sub periods. There is one more popular dasha, named as Char Dasha. It is also called by the name of Jamini char Dasha. In Jaimini Astrology, this dasha is being used by the astrologers. In conclusion, Dasha or Mahadasha period is very crucial for all. It leads to individual in a direction for which one is made for.

You may get the updates related to your running dasha period through our dasha calculator. Rashifal Kundli Horoscope Rashifal Calendar Remember Me.

Houses and Planets

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