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Gemini and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

In my opinion, just trying to hrlp if I can , talk to them if you have strong feelings towards them. If he shows no effort and stays with other people, take a break from realtionships and focus on what you truly desire or need and move on from there. Maybe I can move home. What do I do? Does he even feel the same or is it one way? What do Gemini do? Lets be positive. Think of what we want and where we want it to go. In love, in business, in friendship, in life, and most importantly….

With this, no matter what comes your way….. I will too. My husband and I had been fighting for a while now.

Daily horoscope libra

He went away and I havent heard anything from him in over a week. Are the rumors im hearing true? Will he come back to his family? I made a bad decision the other day. Actually 2 bad choices. How do I move past the regret I feel? Will I become homeless again soon Will I find a job With my vision impaired. Will I get a car so I can go see my children. I just started school I need to know will medical assistant be the career for me or do I need to strive for more.

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Am with a guy which we have agreed to marry ourselves but I want to ask if he will be perfect match. I am not any closer to my goals as i was eight months ago. My Christmas day was ok but ended as usual with a big fight With my girlfriend…and i am not a young guy. Do Not marry another Gemini…… I did….

Big mistake…. NOT good!!!!! Gemini is just a sun sign…. You have to study all of your chart to understand compatiblilty with other people. My Moon is in Taurus and that is very important to know what your moon sign is in terms of compatibility issues even more than the sun sign. I think that you should look for someone who has their moon sign on your sun sign or something like that?

It gets pretty complicated. You also have to know what your Venus is in to determine love relationships.

You have to know more than just what your sun sign is;that is too general. Basically My perfect match is Sagitarius and Libra.


I am a gemini female and get along great with Aries and Sagitarius male……. I am very attracted to Libra…. We are so much alike but I am physically attracted to Sagitarius Leo and Aries…… the chemistry is dynamic more than any sign. The Sagitarius male is my favorite sign along with Leo. They are fire signs…I am air…. You know what that means…. We light their fire and it can turn into a blazing wild fire.

I swear oracle……. I have been reading your version of my horoscopes for a few months now and not only today but for some time I swear your writing them solely for me. My emotional state seems to be what triggers it. Anita probably not. Hello, I need suggestions for my love life. I have been in a relationship since last 2years. Things were all good, but since last months it turned bitter with misunderstandings.

It has been over a month that my boyfriend decided to break up. But he loved me so much 20days before that.

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I cried and pleaded for his return, But he behaves so hard. Presently since 1week, I have no contact with him. I miss him very badly every moment. I feel doomed without him. Please help me with effective suggestions! Resisted the charms of a married guy for ages but gave into them last night…annoyed with myself.

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Do some physical exercises, run fast and exhaust yourself. Then sit down, close your eyes and feel your thoughts. After that tell yourself that no matter what you have lost, you are still alive and happy. I love being a gemeni we amaze a lot of people with our great talents and beauty and the appreciation of all kinds of art and cultures.

Beyonce FUMING as woman cuts across her to chat to Jay Z

Im realy tenced about my Exam well I have alredy tell you that I am 10 years old and reads in class 5. I know it is not so good to get so much tenced in this class but I am before this exam there was another exam and it had gone not so good thak you very much. All you horoscope are geting right and well I want to inform you that I am just 10 years old girl and I love to be a gemini and so on. He asked me so many questions and all i responded was i dont know…. I got another world going on in my mind so yeah, enlighten me if you will, or find something meaningful and purposeful to do wit ur life and get the fuck out.

I am a Gemini and proud to be one. My horoscopes are always right. So to the douchebags who ignorantly post these childish comments:. If your horoscopes are never correct, then you are either depressed, have anxiety, or just a dumbfuck looking for criticism and false feedback.

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